Phyts Facials

Phyts laboratories claim 100% natural ingredients in their formulas, it is a world exclusivity for such a complete range. NO Preservatives, parabens or synthetic colouring agents.

DISCOVERY FACIALAn intrduction to our organic beauty treament for a touch of glow and freshness. Suitable for all skin types. Oil & water content is balanced to leave the skin hydrated and detoxified. 30mins€40
ANTI-COMEDONESThis facial is to specifically tackle a problem skin with blackheads, excess oil or Acne. Copper is an antibacterial mineral which neutralises bacterial activity & whose effect last several days. Camphor & mint calm the skin when bathed in a cream mask at the end of the facial & the skin is relieved of any redness.60mins€60
RADIANCE FACIALSuited for the most sensitive, dehydrated or oily, dull & tired skin, we are sure this facial will give you a beautiful glow to your skin.60mins€70
AQUA FACIALTargets any skin affected by dehydration. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture in the skin while plumping and reducing fine lines. Giving skin a much needed drink75mins€70
LUMINESSENCE FACIALA specific anti-ageing treatment for every specific skin type to boost, plump, nourish and firm the skin. Experience the ultimate Phyts facial with its 21 amino acids, horsetail and cinnamon.70mins€80
MULTIVITA CONCENTRATENicknamed the ‘Bridal Facial’, this facial is a must for anyone concerned with radiance and glow. The skin is deeply hydrated, firmed and oxygenated. Perfect for any special occasion. A highly regenerative treatment with visable anti-ageing effects.90mins€90

All about eyes

24 hr patch test required for tinting.

Eyelash tint€14
Eyebrow tint€10
Eyebrow shape€12
Eyelash & brow tint with brow shape€32
Application of Individual cluster lashes full set/ corner lashes €20/€10
Strip lashes sold in store and applied€15
Bring your own strip lashes to be applied€5

MINK EXPRESS LASHESThese individual synthethic lashes are applied to the natural lashes, using an odourless glue so the eyes are open during the treatment. Last for 2 weeks, professional removal is advised.30 mins€45


FUSCHIA multi-award winning Irish produced cosmetics range.
Full make-up: €30